Top 10 Favorite Craft Spirits, Summer 2018

draft spirits Denver

As part of our job, we are constantly sampling new products. These are new favorites currently in stock at Argonaut Wine & Liquor in Denver. They are presented in no particular order.

  1. Laws Four Grain Bourbon
  2. Whistling Hare Blue Corn Vodka
  3. State 38 Agave Reposado
  4. Germain-Robin Craft Brandy
  5. 300 Days of Shine Apple Pie Moonshine
  6. Cockpit Craft SOC-4 Banana Booze
  7. Deviation Distilling Backcountry Gin
  8. Devil's Head Distillery Aquavit
  9. Leopold Bros. Maraschino Liqueur
  10. Coppermuse Distillery Amaretto