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Welcome to Craft Spirits Denver and a conversation with Trevor Williams, liquor specialist for Argonaut Wine and Liquor, Denver's largest liquor store.

How did you become so knowledgeable about liquor?
Whiskey, particularly bourbon, has always been my drink of choice. Over the years, I've becoming increasingly interested in the back story behind the craft spirit movement, everything from the process, to the style, to the product itself. As the liquor buyer for Argonaut part of my role is sampling new products to decide if we want to carry them.

So you hate your job?
Yeah, it's awful! (big laugh)

I've heard the term, but don't really understand it. What are craft spirits?
For me "craft spirits" means independent distilleries not under the umbrella of a large conglomerate.

What makes them different from regular spirits?
The products are produced on a much smaller scale and largely focused on local and regional markets first

What are your favorite local distilleries?
Leopolds, AD Laws, Woody Creek, Boulder Distilling, Deerhammer, just to name a few.

What are your personal favorite craft spirits?
AD Laws bourbon and rye, Deerhammer American Single Malt, Boulder Distilling's Ginskey, Leopolds Silver Tree vodka, Peach St. 5 year bourbon, I could go on forever.

Please speculate on liquor trends for 2018?
I imagine the industry will continue to grow in 2018 with whiskey remaining the star of the show, but we have seen an upswing in craft gin sales so I anticipate a lot of growth in that area of the market.

Does Argonaut hold craft spirit tastings?
We do! We have several tastings a week that feature various wines, liquors, and beers, the best way to be informed about these tasting is to follow us on social media.